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Cleaning out your excess golf ball inventory is easier than ever now! Plenty of people love to collect used golf balls for many reasons. You may walk your dog and find some, collect and sell some or just enjoy the hunt outdoors. Everyone eventually wants to clear out all the balls and possibly start over. This is where Used Golf Ball Buyers comes in to help. We all know the excess inventory takes up a lot of space and the golf balls are very heavy to move around. We make it as easy as a triple bogey for you to ship the golf balls to us.

We ONLY use 12″ by 12″ by 12″ boxes for shipments (Except Driving Ranges). You will be responsible to get the boxes. They are the most common size companies sell and can be found at The Home Depot, Lowes, and a number of other stores. Amazon, ULine, and many other online companies offer them. They cost around 85 cents to $1.25 per box, depending on who you’re buying them from.

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The golf balls simply need to be boxed and ready to have a UPS or FedEx truck pick them up.

The boxes need to be full, right at 400 balls per box. You do not need to count them unless you like. We will accurately count all boxes. When the box is full, it holds right at 400 balls. We do not take partially filled boxes. Golf balls weigh 1 pound for every 10 balls so a box with 400 golf balls in it would weigh about 40 pounds.

The boxes just need to be taped off securely and labeled like you normally send them via UPS or FedEx.

Once you have an accurate count of boxes we will email you the labels to print out and tape to the boxes.

Of course, you want to know how much your used golf balls are worth.

The dollar amount paid for your shipment will be determined by the age, brand and condition of the golf balls sent to us. We utilize the industry’s highest standards of not only cleaning the golf balls but also whitening them. Then the balls will all be hand graded and priced. We have been buying used golf balls for decades and we are looking for repeat customers. You can be assured of receiving fair compensation for your golf balls.

Most golf balls have some value. If a golf ball can be set on a tee, it can be hit. The range paid per golf ball is from .02 cents to .85 cent each, again, depending on the age, brand and condition. We will mail out an initial check within a few days of the shipment reaching us based on an estimate of the batch total and quality. After the complete washing and grading process is finished, normally within a couple weeks, we will send out the balance if it wasn’t covered by our initial payment. Shipments over 25,000 golf balls may take a little longer.

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We Also Buy Used Driving Range Balls as Well as Floating Golf Balls.

Remember, We Pay For Shipping!